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Europa - Ein Unternehmen wächst zusammen
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the European economic region companies collaborate although their local, regional and national conditions are very different. There are countries with a weak and with a strong infrastructure. Whereas in the northwestern part of the European Union almost every citizen has got a job and there is a high demand for skilled workers, the eastern states of the EU are struggling against unemployment and the younger people hardly see any professional opportunities in their countries. This project has two major goals: On the one hand we are trying to make those young people, who are about to start a career, more aware of the huge common economic region the EU offers. They should try to learn how to be more proactive and innovative as an “entrepreneur”. Therefore, we are planning to found a “training company” where the youngsters will function as founders and CEOs of that company and might also discover locational advantages of countries with a weak infrastructure. On the other hand the young people will realize that they could also acquire a vocational training or a stable job in other European countries, which are not their countries of origin. There they will gain a lot of personal and vocational experience, which will be helpful for their future careers. Further, after having returned to their home countries, they will be able to enrich the world of work with the experience they gained abroad as skilled workers. The constitution of the participants in this project reflects reality: The Gebhard-Müller school (Biberach/Germany), a vocational business school, the Cartesius Lyceum (based on the French philosopher) in Amsterdam (Netherlands), the representatives of the economically strong regions as well as the comprehensive school Narva Vanalinna Riigikool (Estland) and the grammar schools SOU “Hristo Botev” and Boskovice in the Czech Republic are all from countries which are flourishing economically. In this project students aged 16 to 20 will participate In the above mentioned “training companies” the students will assume the role of an entrepreneur and make decisions which will strengthen their entrepreneurial competence. Furthermore they will take over the roles of employers and employees. They will apply for offered jobs and be prepared for an integrative Europe which is constantly growing together. Therefore they will get to know the education systems and the vocational opportunities of the different European countries which will participate in this common project. Typical jobs and possible careers of each countries will be examined such as the prevailing willingness to go abroad in order to find a job. Another important issue will be the integration of migrants in the country of destination, as this will be more and more important for a Europe which is constantly growing together. Afterwards the students should feel belonging to a common Europe, which is not only represented by a growing common labor market but also by schools which collaborate better and better and offer each other help in the search of placements and apprenticeships. The major language of this project will be German, but, of course, supplemented by English. This enables non-Germans to apply and improve their German language skills, whereas on the other hand English might be used when needed.



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