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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project consortium is led to the Mobility of Students of Vocational Training Intermediate, for conducting multidisciplinary practices focused on companies in the social sphere and health in collaboration with our partner in Italy. Mobility of 20 students and 3 teachers from 3 schools is expected for 15 days, to conduct their practices in Padre Alberto Millennium Onlus Foundation Onlus Vasto (CH), that manages several Elderly Homes offering Neurological Rehabilitation Services, Orthopedic, respiratory, psychophysics and Psychiatric and also a Service Hospital Care, Household, Ambulatory and Extramural.The geriatric care and health is one of the main concerns and challenges of our society because of their significant impact on our daily lives and the well­known fact of the aging European population. So this mobility will contribute to the transfer of best practice giving the possibility to share methodologies and achievements between national and European partners involved, helping to establish networks for future collaboration.Also the student through this mobility gain greater practical training in a real environment, with the added value of intercultural learning and foreign language, learn from other organizational cultures, thus contributing to the improvement of their professional development and future employability. The trainees will be able to understand the importance, size and responsibility for their future profession.They also will improve their social skills, ability to understand other realities and their sense of belonging to the European Community. They will learn about the benefits of a job well done impacting on improving self­esteem. In developing the activity in a multidisciplinary environment will know how to work in teams and to evaluate the activity of others, understanding that quality means excellence of the entire group.The future impact will materialize in greater labor integration of young people and quality in vocational activity of students, greater knowledge of the Erasmus + program among teachers, professionals and students, the creation of future collaboration networks, knowledge transfer and greater participation in European programs thanks to the diffusion of the activity and results.



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