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Europ'et moi
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

How to feel like to be an European citizen? What is Europe for us? 12 french youngsters and 12 Latvian youngsters will try to answer those questions in the frame of the Europ'et moi project. The French and Latvian youngsters worked together to elaborate and realise an exchange which's first chapter will take place on October 2015, from 19 till 29 October. The project was an initiation of the French group because they have it in their heart to welcome other youngsters in order to build partnership with them. During their exchange the youngsters are going to think and debate on the representation one and another and at the end to get to know what covers the reality. How the French people imagine Latvia and how Latvians imagine France? In order to make this exploration much more visible and visual, the youngsters are going to realize a video about these representations and ideas of one and another. These workshops will allow to bring to light the truth about Europe and illustrate the reflection of the 28 European citizens. This project will allow to youngsters from rural areas to taste the European mobility for the first time in their life. All this effort is to let youngsters be more aware and sensible about the conception of being a European citizen and to become active actor of their exchange. During this exchange the participants are going to be able to discover or rediscover the resources and possibilities our territory provides us and express themselfs during the self-expression workshops, discover others with the help of language workshops and to unwind the steam, during sport activities. This cocktail is a balanced mix designed by the principals actors of this exchange; the youngsters, themselfs. A true human adventure, we would like continue, and to flourish the partnerships between the two organisation. In 2016, the exchange reorganised that time in Latvia, in order to become a mutual exchange and to let the Latvian youngsters show their territories to French participants. This will allow to compare and finalize our film making work about the representation one and other and the European collaboration.



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