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Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„Euromuc VI“ is a mobility project for trainees at the Munich Airport Company (Flughafen München GmbH) especially for trainees, who complete a dual training. The time abroad takes place in the 3rd year of training (expect for commercial clerks in real estates, who will be sent out in the 2nd year of training). The length of stay at the local place is for 3 weeks not including the day of arrival and departure. Following occupational groups are planned for delegation to the partner airports: • Athens International Airport: office management assistants • Flughafen Wien AG (Vienna International Airport): mechatronics engineers • Àeroportos de Portugal: management assistants in office communication, commercial clerks in real estate • Malta International Airport: commercial specialist in air service, event management assistants Altogether 21 trainees receive the possibility to participate in this project. The selection occurs internally with 50% regarding their performance (grade in vocational college, rating sheet of the company and the result of the intermediate examination) as well as 50% by fortune, in order that weaker trainees will get the possibility as well. After the selection a preparation workshop will take place, with regard to the upcoming mobility. During the whole stay, all of the participants will be accompanied by the sending and hosting facility. After the termination a wrap-up workshop and a conclusion presentation will take place at the Munich Airport (please refer to item D) The projects, which have been developed in the mobility proposals have proven of value in the last few years and will be still implement and applied. The trainees will be placed in different occupational departments after a previous intensive arrangement with the partner. In their departments they will obtain self dependent tasks and projects, ideally in divisions, which cannot be covered directly by the Munich Airport Company. The trainees obtain a comprehensive insight in another European Airport (The ability to take the border view), they develop further linguistic skills (English: minimum one level higher than with what the started, other foreign language: basic knowledge), they improve their intercultural competences (which brings in to the internationalization strategy of the FMG) and have also different projects, like creating an compendium, which conduce to a knowledge transfer between the other trainees. All of the trainees will receive the “europass mobility” as a certification, and an annotation in their training certificate. In addition we have realized that trainees will be preferably taken in their potential department, which means that there is a clear benefit for the participants of a mobility. The experiences and awareness’s, which have been developed and gained, will be distributed through various kinds of media e.g. to the management and personnel managers who receive the information by a final presentation. These presentations will then be placed on the career website and in intranet (in a shortened version). In addition reports in irregular intervals will be appear in our own airport staff magazine “Motion”, so that a long-term benefit for all employees of the company Munich Airport and its group is ensured.



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