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Date du début: 7 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 6 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context in which this project has been developed can be differentiated into two distinct parts, one developed for the intermediate-level students and the other one developed by the staff of the participating organization. The objectives set for this academic year have been met. Since 2002, the annual structure to enhance the students stay abroad has been incorporated to the innovative part. It consists of initiating the student’s mobility, experience that has been evaluated positively by the parties involved during the stay in Bolzano (Italy). The mobility number has been the following: -8 Students: Four- week stay of intermediate level students in hairdressing and aesthetic companies in Paris in order to complete the FCT subject (Training in Workplaces) -2 members of the school: 5 day stay (Head Teacher rand Head of Mobility) in vocational training schools in the region of Alto Adagio (Bolzano.Italia) in order to contrast methodologies regarding the deployment of the Dual Training, mobility of students and teachers, etc. The profile of the student’s mobility has been: a 19-year-old intermediate-level student, without work experience that makes their first trip outside their family and social environment in a European city. As for the mobility of teachers, we refer to the Management Team Staff, seeking contrasting teaching methods of the school with other, more advanced European Institutes in Innovative Projects to be applied soon in the IES Monte Albertia BHI. The description of the activities in student mobility is reflected in the internship notebook that takes daily (along stay in the company) the student. The training plan includes the completion and / or watching the minimum skills required in the FCT Subject. As for the plan of the staff, we have fulfilled the plan of activities that participating organizations agreed when they signed the development of the project. The fund or purpose of the project is the application of knowledge acquired during the stay abroad. In the case of students it has served for both personal and professional development, as evidenced in the course of the stay of the remaining eight weeks in companies in the province of Gipuzkoa. As for the staff of the school, it has helped to understand the decisions to be made regarding the deployment of the dual training at the Centre, relations with the companies involved, etc. As for the results of the project are concerned, the positive assessment of the participating students reassures us to continue to work with Parisian companies. Regarding the assessment of staff, it opens the door to future collaborations through the Claudia de Medicis Institute of Bolzano, covering both the professional experiences of the school leadership team and the mobility of students and teachers during the 2015-2016 academic years. The short-term impact of the project can be identified by the satisfaction of all the parts involved and the dissemination of the programme in the family environments of the participants. The effects of the impact in the dissemination in the local media, in the school website etc will be measured in the medium term: in the actions carried out in the enrolment period as well as in the selection of the students that will take part in the mobility programme next year.



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