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EuroData Mobility - Programs touristic
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Data Control Formacion intends to develop the following Project: EuroData Mobility. With this project it pursues to implement high-quality vocational training, since at the same time our students are given the opportunity to have an international experience, they put into practice their professional expertise, and also they can acquire new language skills. This involves in addition opening the European labour market to participants. And everything thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme. The Project considers 15 mobilities of participants with the VET certification in Sale of Touristic Products and Services (Venta de Productos y Servicios Turísticos) and pursues to strengthen their language skills, improve their European awareness, experience the working methods of their professional area in another European country and widen their future career options. This project will be developed in three stages: - 1st stage. Preparation. The first stage will include: information sessions about the activities to do in the workplace of the host partner, the current situation about the professional area in the host country and cultural aspects that ease arrival and accommodation of participants. This is also the stage of acquisition of new language skills and training in other essential aspects (as occupational risks in the professional area and in the host enterprise), and also selection of participants and preparation of the mobility trips. - 2nd stage. Implementation. It will coincide with the mobility itself of the participants. This phase will begin with a period of adaptation of participants to the new environment (organised by the host partner) and continue and end with the internship in the working place, that at the same time coincide with social events and linguistic and cultural immersion. - 3rd stage. Dissemination. Finally, in the third stage the results of the project will be disseminated among our students and the educative/business community involved. The purpose of this phase is to organise information activities, that are necessary to provide the project with an European dimension, that is the basis of the proposal.



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