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Eurocom Smart
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

VET staff training abroad (in Eurocom SMART network): There have been profitable student exchanges during years between the European network colleges, but the working life has expressed the difficulties in understanding the learning goals and evaluation sheets of arriving students, so it is important to clarify the common learning outcomes for the students and to design common evaluation sheets in order to evaluate and validate the learning outcomes, eliminate differences between participating countries and to transfer the credits to the home institutions. Another important aspect is to improve and secure the quality and quantity of students' mobility by implementing the Ecvet tools. Working with the Ecvet processes before, during and after the students' exchanges will give the teachers and mentoring staff tools to assess, recognize and validate learning outcomes. In this respect it can be made more transparent which knowledge, skills and competences the single student should reach. The main activities intended comprise the description of knowledge, skills and competences, the suggestions for activity units as well as the detailed work on the structure/content of the assessment documents, the learning agreement and the learning outcomes. At the same time the involved educational institutes will learn the toolkit of the Ecvet which will enhance the internationalization of the participating partners from Colleges and the World of Work. Therefore the project will take an important role in the improvement of the partners professional, language and social skills, which are needed in building up careers. We regard our role in providing the professional educational support on a diverse international level as a result our focus is on the support of students in the dual system as well as the VET staff. Previously gained experiences and competences are to be integrated and improved as best practice examples in order to strive for excellence in the future. Vet learners in vocational institutes: In a world that is rapidly coming to terms with the realization that countries need each other to establish a healthy economy and prosperity, we believe that students can contribute their skills to this goal and learn a tremendous amount when interning with companies or institutions in another European country. We want to seize the opportunity of international cooperation and see the positive results through students who have gone before. Every year we intend to send out about 30 students for different periods of time, who will do their work placements in the fields of Economics, Health Care and Social Work. We stimulate students to broaden their horizon, but select potential students strictly, based on their personal performance and progress at school, their communication skills and character. We have noticed that many students who participated in international work placements have felt the impact in their careers, whether it be study choices or work possibilities. Many have gone on to choose a career path that involves international contact or business.



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