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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context and objectives of the project APCMA accompanies since 2003 Chambers of Trades and Crafts (CMA) and apprentice training centers (CFA) in the development of partnerships and European training projects. In a transition phase APCMA maintaining its grouped project for limited number of CFA who have not yet found a place in a regional scheme. The needs for grants have been identified for the period 2014-16 among the national network. The number and profile of participants 1 / 45 Apprentices (mobility 2-3 weeks) and 20 recent graduates (mobility 3 to 6 months)of the skilled craft sector 2 / Personnel responsible for vocational training (MEDIAT EUR ) (mobility of 3 days) 50 participants from APCMA, the CRMA / CMAR / CMA / CFA, officials from regional University of trades and crafts ( URMA ), representatives of professional organisations and companies in the sector (elected to the CMA). APCMA will establish mobility / thematic trainings about • orientation and individualized learning paths (DK / FIN) • Quality of Vocational Training ( AT / DE / IS) • the assessment and recognition of mobility (DK / FIN) • Training of Trainers (FIN) The description of activities, methodology National support device The APCMA guarantees the feasibility and quality of projects CFA by a national support system via the interface which identifies projects and accompanies flows of learning mobility and of the project leader (CFA) in the field. The APCMA organises • administrative management; • support and monitoring of projects and implementation of training pathways; • transnational partnership ( ; • evaluation of projects - communication - promotion results. The APCMA identifies and trains "Mobility coaches" and "coordinators" of regional platforms which are the key players in mobility projects . Mobility coaches and councelors in the training center are the first point of contact for apprentices and companies, as well as for sending as to support hosting: • Informing participants and mobilising sending companies; • Selection of participants and constitution of groups; • Linguistic and sociocultural preparation; • Organisation of logistics and administrative support of participants; • Organisation and coordination of the stay in business and ev. additional training with the host partner • Monitoring , support during the stay ; • Evaluation, debriefing with the participants; • Valorisation of the sending and receiving company (label Euroapprenticeship ); • Quality and financial reporting to APCMA. Benefit / impact and expected results For APCMA • increase the number of beneficiaries of mobility grant (towards the European benchmark of 6%) • promote the quality of apprenticeship and skilled craft trades • improve the employability of apprentices and graduates and the skills of future professionals, entrepreneurs and employees (developing entrepreneurship and the creation) • mobilise and train CMAR / CRMA / CMA / CFA / URMA and coordinators of regional platforms and improve technical skills and know-how about innovative training practices. For beneficiaries apprentices or recent graduates, mobility should enable them to : • to continue their studies ; • to improve test scores and motivation for their profession; • develop / deepen professional techniques, soft skills / key skills , language skills ; • improving employability in the European labor market . For CFA and personal training • increase the attractiveness / image and the quality of apprenticeship • improve technical skills and know-how on innovative training practicesby European partnership and exchanges For sending and receiving of business : • develop mobility experience for apprentices and for itself, participate more actively in mobility projects CFA,



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