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EURAXESS Service Network Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (EURAXESS MK)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The FYR of Macedonia launched the EURAXESS Network unofficially, on a completely voluntary basis in March 2011. Since then, a lot of feats have been accomplished to close the gap between the FYR of Macedonia and the rest of the EURAXESS member countries in a well-functioning EURAXESS Service Network, as well as to prepare for the official entry of the FYR of Macedonia into the EURAXESS network. The FYR of Macedonia already has built a basic version of the very important EURAXESS portal, which has been active for 2 years now. The portal contains most of the relevant practical information that can be found on a typical EURAXESS portal. At the same time, the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts has been participating fully in all trainings offered by the European Commission and the EURAXESS Network in educating and training its staff on issues related to the EURAXESS Service centres. However, even though these preparatory steps have been taken to start-up the EURAXESS network, there is still a gap on the map of Europe where the FYR of Macedonia lies, in establishing a country-wide EURAXESS Service Network that will aid researchers with the practical information in being mobile in the European Research Area.The objective of this project is to support the start-up phase of the organisation and operation of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia EURAXESS Services Network.



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