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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will be developed in Plasencia, Extremadura North. With an EVS duration of 12 months, 1 volunteer coming from a French sending organization will participate, he is 25 years old. It is a social and sporting project, where the voluntary will support the daily job performed in the hosting organization A.M. EUEXIA. He will support the professional team in different sporting schools of the association (some for people with disabilities), he will participate in the summer camps by helping the monitors in all the activities, he will also give his support in the week-end program "Respiro Familiar" ("Family Breath") for children with disabilities and will cooperate with the team responsible of European projects in the office of the association A.M. Euexia. He will also participate in a Workcamp during the month of August with the patients of Placeat (Association for people with intellectual disabilities) .We would like the volunteer to feel within our team of workers from the beginning, by creating an intercultural atmosphere that will enrich our professional team, our students as well as other young national volunteers working in our daily activity. We are open to any suggestions coming from the new volunteer. We would like to build a space for exchange of ideas and ways of doing, rich in experiences and where everyone involved can give and receive. Therefore, the volunteer will be determinant at the moment of deciding the activities in which he wants to work, according with his interests. We expect the volunteer to develop his own creativity and ways of doing, that's why he will be encouraged to start his own projects and activities in the association. One of the main objectives of our association is to promote healthy lifestyles for children, by motivating them in their hobbies, sports and leisure activities. Also, we have the objective of developing the inclusion of people with disabilities, this is the reason why many Euexia's projects are focused on trying to improve the quality of life of these groups of people. So we believe that the hosting of european volunteers having different cultures will represent a very good motivation for our students, for our young national volunteers and for our partners as well, since this EVS project will assure an exchange of enriching experiences for all the people involved in our project as well as for the society in general. The hosting for the first time of an european volunteer within our association would represent an improving step in our functioning and a great recognition of the social engagement and work realized in Euexia since several years.



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