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EU-Trainer for ICT- and Mediacompetencies

Information Communications Technology (ICT) and media competence are one of the underlying skills for the citizens taking part in social communication in the European information society. There is a Europe-wide pressing demand for specialists to pass on these skills. However, no European further-education-project with freely available teaching and studying materials, that would be used in specialists professional development was created so far. Our project aimed at developing, testing and transferring of modular further education to “EU – Trainer for ICT and Media Skills” as well as the implementation of this further education in professional development systems of the partner countries – TR, FI, UK, RO, CY, DE, BE and PL. This process is conducted by “Youth4media network” in other EU countries. The primary target group of the project encompasses lecturers and people employed in institutions for further education, citizen and educational media and in NGOs. In addition further education is an interesting area for the employment sector, media designers, journalists, graphic designers, media educators, as well as youth and social workers. Participants are going to acquire basic skills in the field of ICT within various target groups (creative use / creating of digital audio-visual media and Internet). You are also going to acquire knowledge about the methodology of teaching in the field of media education of children, young people, migrants and seniors. If you like to cooperate or use the "MediaTrainer" contact Bürgerhaus Bennohaus or European Youth4media network!



7 Participants partenaires