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EU*Ro Media. European Standards, Romanian Application: The Media Roadmap for Romania’s 2019 EU Council Presidency
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This proposal is designed to address a need identified in the Romanian media: throughout their academic training, the current professionals received little information about the functioning of the EU and how this impacts the domestic level. We intend to stimulate the Europeanization of the Romanian media by offering tailor-made courses designed for the target group of young journalists, opinion leaders and opinion formers, which in turn could aid the promotion of EU-related topics in the public sphere. This process is especially important in the light of 2019, when Romanian will take upon the Presidency of the EU Council for the first time since becoming an EU member. The public should understand, with mass media help, the full impact of this position and act knowingly.By giving a greater visibility to European Affairs, with the aid of an intensive training and practical activities, in a multidisciplinary fashion, we aim to familiarize not only the young media professionals attending the courses, but the public at large. The courses consist of both standard in class teaching and online activity on the virtual platform; an important dimension of the teaching activity regards the practical information participants will receive through simulations on the functioning of EU actors and decision-making process, as well as through the specific conferences. These conferences will be also open to the general public, thus helping with the visibility of the project, dissemination of results and fostering dialogue. Upon completion of the courses, the young mass media participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills on how to better understand and portray EU-related subjects in their work, thus offering higher visibility to these topics in the Romanian public sphere and promoting a professional and informed vision regarding European Affairs.