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EU Quality Standards Aligned Modernisation of Renewable Energy Engineering Curriculum for Bachelor and Master students and Improving Skills Development of PhD students in Universities of Latin America
Date du début: 15 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Renewable Energy industrial sectors in Brazil and Colombia are going through a rapid modernization and expansion period as a result of intensive investments from national and global international companies. Similar processes are expected to take place in Cuba in coming years. There is a sharply growing demand for a new type of qualified graduates in this sector in Latin American countries with deeper professional educational background in Renewable Energy Engineering with the quality similar to that provided in EU Universities. Brazilian, Colombian and Cuban Universities participating in this project, run numerous Bachelor and Master level courses developed by themselves, including in Renewable Energy Engineering (REE). Thus, the aim of this project is not a creation of new Bachelor or Master courses but a radical improvement of existing ones developed by Latin America University academics. To achieve the goal of improving quality of teaching and aligning with EU Universities, the current content of modules and teaching methods in REE modules should undergo deep modernisation processes with the assistance and input of EU universities which have a strong background and experience of teaching in these subjects. Additionally, problems identified in the work with PhD students in partner Universities are that in their study students are narrowly focused on local practices. Therefore, main activities of this project will be:1. Modernisation of core modules in REE taught to Bachelor and Master students to the level of quality corresponding to the EU standard requirements. 2. Improvement of Skills Development of PhD students in IT, communication, self-assessment, presenting and motivating and competencies for better integration into international research community.The major outcome of the project will be better professional knowledge and skills of Bachelor, Master and PhD students in REE conforming with European standards.



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