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EU Legal Innovation and Its Role in the European Integration
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EU legal system is based on the principle of rule of law. The establishment of rule of law in EU legal system is a process of legal innovation which is the fundamental premise and guarantee of the fulfilment of the European integration. The objective of the proposed Chair is to deepen the understanding of EU law through teaching activities and interdisciplinary and comparative research, to advance the arrangement of the curricula on EU law in CUPL and to promote excellence in teaching and research in EU Law, and furthermore, to provide useful experience for China’s legislature and judiciary, as well as the East Asian regional integration.The main activities in the proposed Chair will include 4 teaching activities, 2 research activities, and some specific activities which contain 1 roundtable debate, 3 events, 1 moot court and 5 deliverables.The proposed Chair will offer 4 courses: (1) Theories and Methodologies of EU Law; (2) Cases of EU Law; (3) Harmonization of European Private Law; (4) Theories and Cases of European Economic and Trade Law.The proposed Chair also conduct 2 research activities which are (1) the comparative study of the harmonization of private law in regional integration, and (2) the study of the function of European economic and trade law in the construction of the inner market. The results of these research activities will be published in 2015 – 2018.The main target groups include: More than 600 Chinese undergraduate students, postgraduate students and doctoral candidates; 7 Chinese and European scholars work together for cooperative teaching and research; about 50 Chinese scholars, legislators, judges, administrative officials, lawyers and other legal professionals participating in the related specific activities.It can be reasonably expected that highly qualified teachers, legislators, judges, police officers and lawyers will be cultivated through an educational system with superb academic resource.