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Date du début: 1 juin 2013, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The European industry in the 21st century is facing the major challenge of responding to the needs created by the profound society changes of the past decades. Simultaneously it must increase its global competitiveness while creating more sustainability, wealth and jobs in Europe. Whilst the European excellence in fundamental research is widely acknowledged, the clear mechanisms for transfer of knowledge into innovative, high value industrial products are yet to be clearly understood and identified. Manufacturing plays a critical role in the value chain addressing societal needs and Grand Challenges. Specifically, high value manufacturing is significantly impacted by the successful integration of KEY ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES in this value chain.Future successful manufacturing that is adding value to the European Society will increasingly depend on the level of integration of Key Enabling Technologies. KETs are considered as: Essential to achieve globally competitive and sustainable EU manufacturing industry, Providers of an important social return on investments by significantly impacting manufacturing by boosting quality jobs creation. They are strategic in the generation of high value all along many value chains of classic or new industrial sectors in Europe (from materials, equipment and devices, to products and services),The EU KNIGHTS project aims to enable strategic integration of key enabling technologies, by promoting best practices, highlighting barriers and identifying appropriate business models/strategies to stimulate innovation with the goal of maintaining a globally competitive and sustainable European Manufacturing industry. The approach will include a comprehensive study of KETs across relevant industrial sectors with the objective to formulate guidelines and recommendations for effective, cross-sectorial KETs integration strategies, and for accelerated industrial innovation in addressing key societal goals and economic and social challenges.



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