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EU goes With Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Led by Youth
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The TC "EU goes With Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Led by Youth” (EU goes WISELY) will bring together youth leaders, trainers and project organizers from different EU countries with the purpose of equipping them with skills needed to grow as a youth leader, whilst acquiring knowledge and raising awareness about social entrepreneurship. The international 7-day-lasting training course aims at acquiring new skills and knowledge, professional and generic competencies, which will help them raise self-esteem, learn how to work, raise competitiveness, and improve coaching skills in order to transfer their knowledge and skills to young people. The focus is put on participation, active involvement, sharing of thoughts and feelings, learning by doing, exchange of good practice, group work and intercultural dimension. The project will bring together young leaders from different economic perspectives and backgrounds, to understand how social entrepreneurship can tackle economic and social issues in their territories. Main objectives of the training course:1. To increase the level of knowledge in social entrepreneurship and develop skills such as time management, decision making, creativity and innovation, communication, team work and presentation skills. Understand how these skills can be used in order to tackle youth unemployment, transfer those skills to other young people and enhance coaching skills.2. Discover all possibilities and opportunities of European mobility schemes and programmes and seeking to increase competitiveness of young people in labor market through non-formal and informal learning.3. To foster youth networking and the interchange of experiences in order to develop language skills and intercultural exchange and understanding. 30 participants will come from different European countries. This will ensure cultural diversity and foster intercultural understanding. Participants have to be young leaders who actively work with young people in their respective territories. The training course will give an opportunity to young leaders with fewer opportunities which means that the participants will have economical, geographical, educational or social obstacles. With this training course, they will learn how to overcome their obstacles through social entrepreneurship and European mobility programmes.Active participation (in all stages of project - planning, implementation and follow-up), focus on group work and teamwork, learning by doing approach, exercises made through simulation, role-play, country experience sharing and other activities will form the basis of the project, thus promoting active participation of young people and developing social and personal development of participants involved in the project. The course will be promoting the Erasmus+ and other EU mobility programmes as a possibility for young people for their learning and self-development as well as increasing their chances on the labor market.Young leaders will get new knowledge and skills which they will transfer to their peers and organizations. These organizations, acting on local/regional/national levels, will be able to make significant impact. In the project we will talk about European's and world's best social enterprises and exchange good practice. Those young leaders will get new ideas how to implement European and international practices and know-hows into their societies. Every partner will ensure effective dissemination and visibility, which will make tremendous local impact. With networking of partner organizations and development of future projects, this TC will ensure long term international impact and growth of youth leaders, as well as introducing innovative and effective ways of training.



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