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EU Civilizations
Date du début: 18 août 2015, Date de fin: 17 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Intercultural communication is a major component of forming a European citizen. The ability to experience Europe, to exchange experiences and gain access to opportunities generated by the European Union from international projects promoting Participatory Democracy, with youth exchanges, are only possible with the availability that each one has to interconnect with different reallities and experiences. Within the group of young people we work with we have a relevant group of fifty young people (of various organizations involved) that in addition to being disadvantaged young people, face three big problems: low levels of success school, marked by constant reproofs (over 30 have at least two failures), disciplinary problems and school leavers; the fact that they do not manage any foreign language; never had any experience international exchange. "EU Civilizations" project aims, in addition to combat illiteracy in English in the context of non-formal education, to bring the first experience of intercultural dialogue at these young people with fewer opportunities. At the same time with “learn by doing” we wan to bring them the idea and the model of a participatory and responsible European citizen, developing their social skills of communication and social mobility. So by recreating civilizations structures with non-formal education we will empower more than 40 youngters at the level of communication skills.



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