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EU and LATIN AMERICA EVS project on Cultural Diversity, Indigenous People and Social Inclusion
Date du début: 1 déc. 2009,

This multilateral EVS project is a reciprocal exchange between EU and Partner Countries in Latin America. It will enable 10 young people from EU countries to engage in voluntary service projects in 8 different LatinAmerican Countries and 5 young people-from-these countries to-acquire experience by aving.and.workingin an EU country.The main project aim is to enhance young people's participation, leadership skills and their engagement in civil society by involving them in local development activities and non-formal learning programmes run with and for young people, targeting particularly young people in rural areas or from vulnerable groups.The young volunteers will engage in a variety of local hosting projects, ranging from indigenous community projects, youth clubs and youth initiated networks to community development, cultural heritage protection and social work projects. The involvement of international volunteers in these projects will stimulate increased interest, discussion and practice of volunteerism in the host communities.



30 Participants partenaires