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Etre acteur de la Démocratie dans la mondialisation
Date du début: 15 août 2015, Date de fin: 14 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The exchange project presented in the framework of ERASMUS+ is part of a dynamic initiated in 2012 as part of the Youth in Action Program. The main theme of the project was : What does being young in suburban areas mean? This project was intended to bring together at the heart of the exchange young people from suburban neighborhoods who face increasing precariousness, stigmatization and social disruption. The 2012 meeting at the initiative of the association 2KZ Decazeville (Aveyron) included partners from Rome (Italy) , Rivne (Ukraine) , Chelyabinsk (Russia) , Jerusalem (Israel). This meeting showed us that these young people cannot only be defined through their difficulties but should also be valued as very important resources for themselves as well as for Europe. In this perspective a new theme emerged from the discussions and feedback which followed that first meeting. We entitled it “From Anger to Democracy”. Concrete steps have thus been implemented with youth from the various partner countries. The exchange project planned this summer aims to promote common developments on this theme with the steps undertaken by the various youth groups as a starting point. Our goal extends from the sharing of practices to the building of a reflexive approach to understand how these initiatives can transform the anger of these young people and encourage their creativity and foster democratic community participation at the local, national and European levels. In this respect the participation of researchers and artists along with pedagogues will contribute to successfully attain those objectives. We will be very vigilant to promote the emergence of shared cultures and the dissemination of outcomes within each organization in order to allow the emergence of new initiatives. Besides, the pre- planning visit will be prepared so as to take the diversity of the various cultural and social contexts into account. Our aim is to build a collective and participatory approach resulting in a true co-construction of the final meeting. To facilitate logistics, the preparatory visit will take place in Paris.



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