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ETOS 4 Europe II: Mobilität von Lernenden und Lehrende in der Ergotherapieausbildung
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The mobility project "ETOS 4 Europe II" is dedicated to student- and teacher-mobility within occupational therapy education and training: sixteen fieldwork placements in European countries within the field of occupational therapy for learners as well as two mobilities for teachers at the ETOS School for Occupational Therapy Osnabrueck are planned. Partner institutions/placements are in Belgium (Geel), Bulgaria (Ruse), Scotland (Edinburgh) and Austria Vienna. The project offers the opportunity that - already within their initial vocational education and training - future occupational therapists are enabled to acquire insights into the professional practice of occupational therapists in Europe. For the short-time, this will nourish participants' further education by offering opportunities to integrate the experiences into the own learning process, and in a long term, it will strengthen participants' future employability. Particular attention is given to the acquisition of both generic as well as specific professional competences by the active engagement in an occupational therapy (both educational and worked based) context. Examples of competences to be acquired are: • Analyses and reflection of the European Dimension of Occupational Therapy • Acquisition of European-, language-, and professional competences • Analyses and reflection of culture, work situation and health system of the host country • Development of autonomy and responsibility • Acquisition and improvement of specific OT- competences (theoretical knowledge, practical skills and attitudes) by means of: - Observation, analyses and reflection of all phases of the occupational therapy process and their characteristics - Practical activities/interventions with clients under the supervision of the professional For ETOS-teachers, the project will also offer the opportunity for competence-acquisition within the framework of lifelong learning. On the one hand, the intended intense exchange with European colleagues ( either by attending workshops, projects, lectures, by visits of occupational therapy departments or by own lectures/sessions given at the partner institution) will allow to improve as well as assure a long-term cooperation. On the other hand, insights, experiences and analyses of the host country's occupational therapy education and practice will serve as a rich source for the reflection and/or confirmation of the own professional know-how and teaching-performance. In addition, the results of the mobility can be used for curricular changes, additions or adaptations. Hence the project not only represents a significant enrichment for the "international biography" of the ETOS School for Occupational Therapy, but also provides considerable contribution to both maintain and improve its educational quality.



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