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Estetica si profesionalism prin mobilitate europeana de formare profesionala
Date du début: 31 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project number 2015-1-RO01-Ka102-014577 with the title "Aesthetics and professionalism by european mobility in professional training", whose beneficiary is "Ion Banescu" Technological Highschool from Mangalia has adressed to one target group formed by 27 students in class XI and class XII level 4, technological branch, services profile, Aestethics and human body hygiene specialization, hair stylist qualification. The project has started from the primary need of the future graduate to benefit from a complex specialized training that includes contact with the real working environment, organized after the European standard requirements, with specialized staff, hairdressers and stylists whose professional abilities are confirmed by the fiscal value of the saloons they're working in as well as the participation in competitions and profile courses just to keep up with the changing fashion trends. The mobility of the 27 students was conducted in two streams during a time course of 3 weeks, in two countries, Spain and Portugal. During the second stream in Portugal, an accompanying teacher attended. The project partners transnationals were economical agents private companies where the students developed traineeships, as well as intermediary organizations. During the first stream in Spain, the internship companies from Granada, where the mobility of 11 students from the twelfth grade (XII) was carried out, were: PELUQUERIA Y BELLEZA ALGAR and PELUQUERIA Y BELLEZA ALGAR PELUQUERIA COLORS PELUQUEROS; the intermediate organization that facilitated accommodation, meals and the cultural program was : M.E.P. Europrojects Granada S.L. During the second stream in Portugal, the internship companies from Barcelos, where the mobility of 16 students from the eleventh grade (XI) was carried out, were : CABELEIREIRA PAULA VIEIRA, ROSA CABELEIREIRO, SUSANA GONCALO, TERESA COSTA CABELEIREIROS; the intermediate organization that facilitated accommodation, meals and the cultural program was : Associacao Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade. The specific objectives of the project were: O1 Supporting the students in improving their professional skills, by gaining work experience in an European environment connected with their field of training; O2 Improving personal skills, communication skills and cooperation in labor relations, cultural skills and widening the cultural horizons in order to increase the level of adaptation to a working and living environment in another country; O3 Developing entrepreneurial skills in the perspective of initiating micro-companies in the aesthetics and human body hygiene domain; O4 Strengthening the partnership. The project activities were: A1)Preparing the mobility: creating the project team, contracting, the students selection and training; the preparation of the Training Agreement, the Europass certificates and the entire technical and financial documentation. A2)During the mobility: the first stream 2.02-8.02.2016, Granada, Spain. The learning was done individually and in groups, under the supervision of the Spanish internship tutors from Monday to Friday, between the hours 14:00-20:00. The practical activities focused on the following: client profiling, combining hair curling techniques to achieve the desired hairstyle, adapting the hairstyle to the situation in which the hairstyle will be worn. The course tutors conducted demonstrations, and each student practiced on its own dummy the working technique demonstrated and explained by the internship tutor. The worksheets completed by each student followed the correlation between the practical and theoretical notions. The cultural program consisted in visits and excursions organized either during the morning until 13 pm or on Saturdays, free day. The second stream 9.05-27.05.2016 Barcelos. Learning was done both individually and in groups - 4 students per tutor.The practical activities undertaken were: hair curling with water, permanent curling, hairstyles with some themed designs. The students worked on dummies, colleagues and clients, under their practice tutor's guidance. A3)Post-mobility: Since all the components contained in competence units have been developed during the mobility and have been confirmed by the results of the initial assessments, the mid-assessment and the final, made by the practice tutors, the institution of sending achieved, after returning from the mobility validation, recognition and transfer of the learning outcome by providing grades and ECVET points. After mobility has occured the result's dissemination and valorization. We believe that the project objectives were fully achieved and results obtained are in direct correlation with the expected/planned outcome. The methods and assessment tools used to measure and identify project results, highlight the impact of these results. In the long term, the major benefit of the project is the increasing grade of insertion into the local and regional labour market.



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