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ESTEP - European re-Settlement Training and Education for Prisoners
Date du début: 1 nov. 2007,

With often inconsistent levels of quality and provision confirmed in European prison resettlement education, ESTEP brought together partners from Portugal, Romania, Ireland and Wales in order to enhance existing resettlement provision and to equip prison education staff with the required guidance and support skills. Following initial investigation into the additional skills, knowledge and competences required by college lecturers and other trainers, to work effectively in a prison environment, a 2-day training programme was held. A parallel training programme targeted prison officers and reflected their increased involvement in education, training and resettlement. Finally, secure IT facilities were provided enabling prisoners to improve their future employment prospects by developing basic computer skills. Key outputs for the project comprised a training pack enabling future ESTEP course delivery alongside a model for the low-cost reproduction of the developed IT Suites in other prison institutions.



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