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Establishment of the Integrated Practical Training Base for Builders in Joniškis and Apgulde Schools (BUILDER TRAINING)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2012, Date de fin: 31 mars 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The geographical territory of the project covers two interrelated regions - Joniškis district in Lithuania and Dobele district in Latvia. Both regions are situated next to the Lithuanian-Latvian border and belong to the Programme Area. This project is intended to improve the quality and accessibility of physical and (or) technological infrastructure (3 practical training bases for builders) in Joniškis and Apgulde vocational schools. Moreover, the project is designed to strengthen the cross-border cooperation and fruitful exchange of good practice between: 1) Joniškis Agricultural School (JAS) and Apgulde Vocational Secondary School (AVSS); 2) both vocational schools and business sector (employers in Lithuania and Latvia). Hereby, this project contributes to the Programme output indicator "Cooperation of vocational education institutions and enterprises" and ensures the synergy effect of cross-border (LT-LV) and cross-sector (education-business) partnerships in the field of training. Joniškis Agricultural School and Apgulde Vocational Secondary School are bound in various ways: both of them educate builders and related professionals, have a common history of previous fruitful cooperation in the field of vocational training, and reside in geographically close cross-border regions. They also face common problems that this project is designed to solve: poor technical condition of practical training bases, low participation & involvement of local employers in the process of vocational training. Therefore, their partnership is logical and beneficial since it is aimed at improving material conditions for vocational training, as well as cooperation with employers. The objective of the project is to facilitate the development of labour market in cross-border regions. The sub-objectives are: 1) to improve the quality of practical training infrastructure; 2) to grant the cross-border cooperation and exchange of good practice between vocational schools and employers. Two practical training bases (for concrete layers and house painters) will be renovated, equipped and adapted for use in JAS and one practical training base (for tile layers) shall be reconstructed in AVSS. In order to integrate the reconstructed practical training bases, for they shall be employed to carry out various exchange programmes for students and teachers after the execution of the project, and grant the cross-border cooperation between vocational schools and employers, it is planned to organize an experience exchange visit to the famous Batimat exhibition, dedicated to sustainable development in the area of construction; 10 seminars for students (carried out by employers); and 2 conferences for students, teachers, and employers. Due to the project, teachers shall increase their competence, students will improve their practical skills and employers shall be able to employ highly qualified and competitive workforce. Above it all, the cross-border approach will be granted. Achievements: 1 practical training base reconstructed, some of the equipment is bought. 2 practical training bases renovated and equipped. 10 seminars for students, 2 conferences for students, teachers and employers held, 1 experience exchange visit to Batimat exhibition.



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