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Establishment of Regional European Training Academy in the Hajdú-Bihar–Bihor Euroregion

Together with its project partners, Euro-Régió Ház Kht. launched its project titledEstablishment of Regional European Training Academy in the Hajdú-Bihar–BihorEuroregion (RETA) on 15 February 2006. The objective of RETA was to strentheneconomic relations within the cross-border region, between Hajdú-Bihar and BihorCounties, together with the competitiveness of SMEs. In this interest, a commontraining institution was established under the name Regional European TrainingAcademy (RETA) by Euro-Régió Ház Kht. and its Romanian and Hungarian partners.RETA provided training and development opportunities in a variety of forms for SMEsand municipality officials interested in cross-border cooperation based on the trainingmaterial development consisting of several modules completed in the framework ofthe program.17 Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.



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