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Establishment of Cross-border Network among the Municipal Experts on Projects and Programmes in the Cross-border Region
Date du début: 3 juil. 2011, Date de fin: 3 juil. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ASWM has a group for preparation of regional projects, but beside the meetings, there are no other communication channels among its members. Another major flaw is that information of municipal priorities and projects is not unified and widely available. There is also a need to expand the group in order to fully utilize the potential for inter-municipal and cross-border cooperation. The project upgrades the results of previously realized projects by assisting for development not of separate municipal projects, but affecting now the whole region. CDSEPR is chosen as partner, since both have member municipalities with similar characteristics, some already twinned, and have similar development priorities. Realization of the project provides for future impact and upgrade on the achievements, because a foundation is established for long-term and sustainable partnership for development and realization of mutually beneficial projects. The two partners have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation Achievements: 1. Established cross-border network of municipal experts on projects/programmes and information channel for exchange of information on the projects at municipal level;2. Developed project management software, greatly facilitates the work of municipal experts in project management in municipalities;3. Developed Internet platform with database of comparable information on municipal projects. Systematic information on all municipal projects are available now and the access to updated information for all potential partners, experience and good practices are disseminated; 4. Increased capacity of municipal experts for planning, developing and managing of joint projects through conducted: 3-day practical training with software product in terms of its opinion and functions and 3-day practical training for work with database and Internet platform;5. Elaborated and distributed promotional materials among the participants in the project events:



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