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Establishment of cross-border cooperation network of disabled people (NDP)

At the moment there are very weak communication between the organisations of disabled people in cross-border regions in Latvia, Estonia, Russia. As well as not joint cross-border structure that solve common problems, co-ordinate meetings and mobility activities between institutions. Medneva Parish and Balvi District sport and rehabilitation club of disabled people 'Medneva' from Latvia and Valga chamber disabled people from Estonia are two non-governmental organisations which are located in cross-border territory. They are initiators to implementation of joint cross-border project and promotion of mutual contacts of organisations and disabled people in the border regions of Latvia, Estonia and also of Pskov oblast (Russia). The club 'Medneva' had established sucessfull partnership with self-governments - Medneva Parish Council and Balvi District Council in implementation of several projects. Balvi District Council also is a member of Euregio 'Pskov, Livonia' (co-operation structure of Latvia, Estonia and Russia border Regions) that can help to establish communications with other cross-border self-governments and disabled people organisations in their territories The overall objective of the project is to widen and deepen cross-border co-operation contacts by promoting institution-to-institution co-operation in the area of social work, establishment of network and organizing of joint events for disabled people. Sub-objectives of the project are: to create cross-border co-operation between organisations of disabled people in Latvia, Estonia and Russia and establish network in order to strengthen these organisations; to inform disabled people about the organisations in the Euregion and their possibilities; carry out specific activities for disabled people; to prepare concept and technical specification for establishment of cross-border centre of disabled people. Main activities of the project are joint events, meetings and seminars for disabled people will promote mutual contacts and increase the significance of physical activities in leisure and health maintenance. Joint cultural and sport events are key activity in promoting genuine cross-border co-operation and mobility of disabled people. Very important activity is developing of centres of disabled people and elaboration of technical projects. Established database and work group, published newsletters and booklet will significant direction to establishment of cross-border co-operation network of disabled people. Target group is disabled people from east part of Latvia, south part of Estonia and west part of Pskov oblast (Russia).



  • 75%   45 000,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Estonia - Latvia - Russia (EE-LV-RU)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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