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Establishment of bipolar area of science and research between Klaipeda and Kaliningrad

New strategic documents elaborated and approved within the project should strengthen the scientific and technological co-operation between project partners and ensure the implementation of future actions. The network of young researchers and supervisors was established on the basis of the Association of young researchers from Kaliningrad and Klaipeda. Database was developed and web portal created as the arena for co-operation. 5 research projects on different aspects of cross-border area development were launched by international research teams with joint supervision established under the project. Also, the Institute of cross-border studies with branches in Klaipeda university and Immanuel Kant state university of Russia was established.



  • 29.7%   58 890,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Lithuania - Poland - Russia (LT-PL-RU)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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