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Establishing a European Network of Law Incubators that Bridge ICT Entrepreneurs and Start-ups with Law Students (iLINC)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project will link the legal demands of ICT entrepreneurs and start-ups with the expertise of postgraduate students at leading academic law institutions through establishing an open European network of law incubators.This will be achieved through: 1) Developing an understanding of the key legal challenges facing companies in the ICT sector, and the specificities of different national legal systems; 2) Developing models and supporting tools for the provision of legal support as a professional service; 3) Establishing the links between the real-world project engagements and academic programmes; and 4) Establishing the longer-term sustainability of the network.The LegalLINC Network will have: a 'Core Network' of four leading European academic institutions in London, Amsterdam, Leuven and Hamburg together with Brooklyn Law School as an Associate Partner; an 'Active Network' of up to 12 participating academic institutions with an interest in developing their own law incubator initiatives; and an 'Extended Network' of private and public sector non-academic entities as participants in the broader ICT innovation ecosystem.There will be three main beneficiaries from this project: 1) Entrepreneurs and start-ups that benefit from the provision of legal expertise; 2) University-based law institutions that benefit from the establishment of law incubators: e.g. enhanced teaching and better translation of research into economic activity; and 3) Postgraduate law students that benefit from their engagement in real and relevant projects with academic oversight, which are directly linked to their academic programmes.During this two-year project, events will focus on developing and sharing best practices for law incubators, as well as exploring key ICT legal challenges. This project will also establish an open communications platform (LINCuP) that will provide a repository for project deliverables and other outputs, and facilitate different modes of interaction.



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