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Establish measures to facilitate the migration and reproduction of migratory fish species
Date du début: 31 déc. 2010, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Establish measures to facilitate the migration and reproduction of migratory fish species on the basis of a classification and inventory of rivers with historic and existing migratory fish species such as eel and salmon as agreed in the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP). Actions related to protection of migratory fish species are prioritized within implementation of HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan and include • further development and application in all cases of appropriate breeding and restocking practices for salmon and sea trout to safeguard the genetic variability of native wild stocks, by 2012;• development of national programmes for the conservation of eel stocks as a contribution to a Baltic co-ordinated programme to ensure successful eel migrations from the Baltic Sea drainage basin to natural spawning grounds. For the EU Member States thus implementing the EC Regulation No. 1100/2007 establishing measures for the recovery of the stock of European eel, by 2008;• the classification and inventorying of rivers with historic and existing migratory fish species (e.g. salmon, eel, sea trout and sturgeon), no later than by 2012;• the development of restoration plans (including restoration of spawning sites and migration routes) in suitable rivers to reinstate migratory fish species, by 2010;• the active conservation of at least ten endangered/threatened wild salmon river populations in the Baltic Sea region as well as the reintroduction of native Baltic Sea salmon in at least four potential salmon rivers, by 2009,• enhancing restoration of lost biodiversity by joining and/or supporting Poland and Germany in reintroducing Baltic sturgeon to its potential spawning rivers. Achievements: Some progress has been achieved in implementing the above mentioned provisions of the BSAP, especially regarding classification and inventorying of salmon and sea trout rivers (HELCOM SALAR Project, 2010-2011). Further work on eel management is ongoing in accordance with national eel management plans, as well as bilateral activities addressing migratory fish species (e.g. Finnish-Russian RIFCI Project and development of joint Polish-Russian eel management plan for Pregolya River and Vistula Lagoon). • Application for continuation of HELCOM SALAR Project was submitted for funding from EU LIFE Programme in late September 2012 (LIFE SALAR). The scope of the project was widened to cover not only salmon and sea trout, but also eel, whitefish and river lamprey. Specific measures (building fish ladders and guiding devices) to ease migration of those species were proposed in 3 test sites: Korkeakoski at Kymijöki River in Finland, as well as at Testeboån and Gävleån Rivers in Sweden. A larger regional advisory board was proposed for the project, consisting of research, academia, governmental institutions and NGOs from the region. However, the application was rejected for funding as not qualifying for several criteria under LIFE Programme and therefore it is welcomed that the next budgeting period for EU funding instruments available for the region (including Interreg, LIFE, etc.) should take into the EUSBSR priorities and objectives• Separate activities are planned to support the development of a management plan for salmon in Luga River in Russia within the BASE Project -Implementation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan (2012 – 2014). Luga was prioritized in HELCOM SALAR as one of the rivers where salmon population and habitat restoration activities are needed and can be efficient.• HELCOM Fisheries and Environment Forum has been addressing the way forward for Baltic cooperation regarding eel management, including continuation of series of eel-related workshops in coordination with ICES within2013. Certain eel restoration measures were suggested within LIFE SALAR Project mentioned above, however their actual implementation is suspended due to pending financing.• Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast) have recently reached an agreement on development until November 2013 of a joint eel management plan for Vistula Lagoon and Pregola River Basin District. • Poland and Germany jointly initiated a HELCOM Project on Baltic Sturgeon remediation, that aims to collect information and knowledge about Baltic sturgeon catches and ongoing remediation activities and to draft a Baltic Sea Sturgeon Action Plan (BSSAP) by 2017.However further work is needed, e.g. addressing development of specific river and habitat restoration plans in prioritized rivers, exchanging of best practices and experiences in river/habitat restoration measures, etc.Restoration measures applied in highly regulated/dammed rivers may have multi-species benefits contributing to improvement of situation with various migratory fish species. Further exchange of information and dissemination of knowledge and experiences, e.g. on BAT/BEP in river restoration measures among national experts will benefit the implementation of the BSAP by the Contracting Parties.



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