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ESIT Spanish Italian tourism development project
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The tourisms management and hospitality in general is of high relevance for the economy in our region. The students that are attending our school are tomorrow’s face of the hotels in our region as they will work as manages, sales personnel, waiters, chefs etc. Considering the fact that Italy is in the course of 2012 and 2013 5th country in the world with largest number of foreign tourists arrival (following France, USA, Spain and China), we as a country have a serious responsibility to permanently improve the services we provide. At the same time our educational system needs to get a serious boost in order to provide the students with possibilities for much needed international work experience. This project will allow students from the vocational School IPSAR "L.Pirandello" located in Piraino, Italy, to get this international work experience in Spain. With this project we will be sending 30 students coming from an area of Italy with few opportunities and with a lot of limitations in terms of possibilities for their professional upgrade, 3 teachers and a staff person for practical work in Campanile Hotel in Las Rosas de Madrid . This short mobility is an open possibility for leverage of differences between the requests of the labour market and what is offered by the educational systems in Europe and it will bring a new and enhanced dynamics in the international work of our schools and this sort of initiatives will not be an exception but a common practice in the future. The general objectives for this project are: - improving the skills of students to deal with guests from abroad and in a foreign language; - giving the students the possibility to be part of a team that does the planning and management of a large touristic complex; - improvement of time management skills of the students; - foreign language and general communication skills proficiency; - bringing back new ideas for further development and improvement of the Vocational education and training in our country. We expect that the mobility period will allow the apprentices to expand their horizons and gain skills from practical work of things that they have so far covered mainly in theory.The impact related to the partners that are included in this project will be noticeable as our school will obtain the needed contacts from host partner from abroad which can provide practical training in the future as well as exchange practice, skills and knowledge. At the same time the staff from both the sending and hosting institution will obtain experience and additional skills in a specific international setting. In this manner they will become more open for new possibilities to be offered to youngsters willing to expand their views and become better European citizens. Indirectly, this allows for further development of the communities of all involved sides.



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