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Esedu Mobility
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this project South Savo Vocational College Esedu sends its students abroad for on-the-job learning periods. The target group of the project is both the young and the adult students of the college, as well as students in apprenticeship training. Esedu has reached its goal – 14 percent of its students – in international student mobility. With the grants of this project, Esedu can maintain this level of mobilities and provide enough working force with the necessary international skills to the labour market. There are numerous foreign partners in this project because the project covers all study fields of the sending college. With wide partner network we are able to guarantee suitable work placements abroad for every participating student. The participant students are selected so, that all study fields of the college will be represented. We will especially focus on those qualifications that have been earlier underrepresented in student mobilities and offer students of those qualifications possibilities to participate. This promotes equality of all students to acquire international skills and increases the level of internationalization in the whole organization. We pay attention to equal possibilities of students also by encouraging students with special needs to apply for the mobility grants. Almost all student mobilities are practical training in companies or in the business-like study environments at partner colleges. We will organize the mobilities during study years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, mostly at spring semesters, when the students are usually doing their on-the-job learning periods in companies. Mobilities will be realized according to the ECVET process. We will develop further the Learning Agreement form already used in previous mobility projects, and teachers will be encouraged in using ksc-model. In this way also teachers will gain more knowledge about ECVET and the process of recognition and validation of learning outcomes. As a part of quality management of this project, the learning goals of each individual student will be well identified and discussed in advance with the receiving partner, which also helps the receiving partner to find suitable work placements for each student. Also the assessment sheet wil be developed further in this project in order to make the recognition and validation of learning outcomes easier. According to ECVET process the sending partner will deepen the already established cooperation by compiling Memoranda of Understanding –contracts with long term partner organizations also during this project. Partners in this project are mostly the same as in previous student mobility ones. This will help in introducing the needed adjustments to the mobility process. As a result of this project, the student mobility process in Esedu will be developed further and the quality of both the individual mobilities and student mobility process will improve. Graduating students gain not only professional skills but they are also ready to work at the international labor market both abroad and in their home country. Linguistic, cultural, social and communicational skills of the students meet the requirements of the labor market in 2010’s. The local companies get employees with the international skills. In addition to all this, students gather an empowering experience.



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