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Escape to Unknown
Date du début: 10 juin 2016, Date de fin: 9 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is based on human rights, a functioning immigration issues, trying to create awareness and consciousness is a youth exchange project in this direction. Our project is designed in line with the interests and needs of young people by themselves, as, competencies, activities to develop and share their experiences of the application. İzmir, hosted historical development, dozens of civilizations, and dozens of different religions, ethnic groups and sects and different from each other these cultures, love and tolerance in a pot blends and differences, preserving hundreds of thousands of years together and solidarity life have succeeded in. Just as the people of İzmir did not remain silent to the human tragedy recently experienced brought on humanitarian attitudes . We have identified as project place as İzmir, the participants can reveal our city seeing the realistic approach to the problem with living specimens. An important factor in the realization of our project in İzmir was identity that reflects the city of İzmir’s tolerance.Our project is aimed at solving the root of social problems existing outside activities, in particular in the Turkish youth and local communities, often based perspective to develop tolerance in the European Youth . In this sense, the activities we have planned and will take place on the basis of tolerance, is to provide closely to seedifferent cultures and ethnic backgrounds of young people to recognize, accept the existing and ongoing projects in this direction. Thanks to our project we believe that play an important role breaking prejudiesabout our country and breaking prejudies of the European Youth. The most important goal of our project, young people develop tolerance-based perspective, social differences (religion, ethnic origin, creed, etc..) . All project activities are planned in this direction. We are planning our project activities as 7 nights and 8 days beetwen 19-26 June in 2016. All participants will be selected from living disadvantage young people.The scope of activities of our projects, the participants of the organizations to introduce themselves and in their country they do similar work, refugee camp visits to the partners with stakeholders will be held panel discussions, participants of different cultures manual skills to win and application-oriented studies, İzmir's cultural and historical structures for guided to do the sightseeing activities will take place. All our activities in the project, permanent learning and non-formal learning methods for creating gains will be used.



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