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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The VET-School of FAW gGmbH as a quiet young school is determind to develop itself, to fit better and better the requirements of the course for kindergarten teachers which has to meet the needs of the society. Therefore the school will provide good chances for the students on the labor market. We expect a new motivation for qualifying the learning process and an improvement of the learning outcomes of the students from the successful implementation of the mobility project. We would like to open the school to an international cooperation and intensify our previous cooperation with our European partners. This project includes 4 mobility exchanges. 2 exchanges will be done by the staff and 2 exchanges by VET students of the VET-School of FAW gGmbH. The Marijampole College from Lithuania is our partner organization. The FAW gGmbH has experience in mobility projects. But the VET-School applies for the first time. Activities of the project are: to become acquainted with the social conditions for childcare in each country to get information on the courses for kindergarten teachers change courses for kindergarten teachers from VET to university level to become acquainted with the organization of the courses to become acquainted with the mandatory apprenticeships during the courses students conduct an apprenticeship course in kindergartens to become acquainted with the people of Lithuania, the country and its culture The cooperation will be carried out on the basis of an agreement between the partners. The overall responsibility will be in the hands of FAW gGmbH. There will be carried out an extern and an intern evaluation to secure the quality of the mobility project. First experiences will be already included in following exchanges. The selection of the participants will be carried out by a set procedure. This is based on voluntariness. But we expect a high acceptance. The successful implementation of the mobility project will support us in our efforts to conduct the course for kindergarten teachers orientated on the needs of the society. We expect a stimulation for our discussion on the change of kindergarten teacher courses from VET to university level as well as for the composition of the intercultural aspect of the course, which we see as a must in a changing and more internationalized society. The students will check their abilities under international conditions.They will learn new aspects of the kindergarten teacher´s course and widen their intercultural knowledge. They will be motivated for the rest of their course. They will improve their chances on the labor market.



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