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Erweiterung der Sprachkompetenz zur Realisierung Bilingualen Unterrichts und internationaler Projekte
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Extension of the competences of the teaching staff for: Improvement of language skills of our teaching staff to implement the project " Bilingual Teaching Project 210 + " in our school. The English and French language shall be used to teach our students in 12 different subjects to improve their overall language skills. Children and young people have a valuable potential for easy and playful learning foreign languages. With our bilingual focus on teaching our school wants to use this potential of young students and promote their language skills appropriately. To realize these ideas, a continuous training of our staff is absolutely necessary, moreover an enlargement of strategic alliances. Thanks to Erasmus+ this has become true. 13 members of our staff took the chance to improve their skills in Malta, Ireland, England and France. During several meetings, the participants of the Erasmus+ Project of our school exchanged the experiences they made in their language schools in different European countries. The teachers who had already come back from their language course could give some special advices to the others still to go. In continuity we had several discussions about how we could use the knowledge and social contacts, to the benefit of our school and our pupils. We showed all course material, including textbooks, journals, and assignments to the other teachers. So that they could choose what whatever seemed to be useful to them. The participants could arrange new friendships which are useful for school partnerships and exchange programs. For example, our school choir could undertake a trip to the USA from the 5th to the 14th may 2016. 30 singers at the age from 11 to 18 visited New York. Thanks to the Erasmus program which allowed our teachers to improve their language skills these kinds of journeys have been possible. Because we had made many new acquaintances during the Erasmus+ project, our students could spend some time in foreign schools. Suanne Schneider (6a) for instance, spent one month in a school in Nantes/ France staying there with a host family in 2015. Sabine Schneider (4a) has been in Nantes as well for a fortnight. Because of the benefits of this Erasmus+ program we had overwhelming results in the national language competitions. Katharina Waibel (5th class) has achieved the first price in the county competition of Vorarlberg and finished third in Austria in 2016. Julia Ammann (4th class) was the winner in Vorarlberg as well.



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