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Erweiterung der interkulturellen Kompetenzen und der Kompetenzen im Projektmanagement im Kontext der strategischen Entwicklungsplanung und Internationalisierung der Schule
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project background : With the changes in the regional labour markets into a European labour market the requirements at our school have changed. Our school should and wants to prepare our students for Europe and for the European labour market. That is why the teachers‘ intercultural and project management skills have to be significantly improved. Intercultural skills are a multidisciplinary competence and an essential part of a Europe open school. The main goals of the project are: Improvement of the intercultural competences in the field of management of international school projects; therefor we are planning to create a group of teachers which will prepare , lead and evaluate a ERASMUS+ project and be resposible for all international projects running at the school. After finishing the school year 2015-16 the group will evaluate the activities of the international projects with regard to the strategy plan of development of international school projects and give advices for improvements. The new competences will be achieved by courses and seminars for project management. For our school it is important that the participants of the courses come from other countries. Under this condition it will be possible to improve intercultural competences, develope new relationships and build up new contacts with potencial future school partners for school projects through exchange of students, eTwinning or Job-Shadowing. Through multiplication of the experiences the knowledge about project management will be spread further within the collective of the school teachers. Amount and profile of the participant: In the first phase there will be one teacher and future coordinator of school projects who is prepared for educational programs abroad, has sufficient language skills and is able to work with students on an international level in order to include the european idea into teaching. The following phases contain the creation of a working group of 4 teachers in the school. The project it self will include students in form of an ERASMUS+ circle. All teachers will be involved in the strategical development of international projects in the school. Activities: - participation at the seminar "Project management of intercultural exchange projects in Europe" (2.-7.8.2015, Porto, Portugal) - following multiplication of the results of the participation at the seminar - to use the new knowledge to prepare the ERASMUS+ project at the school - to optimize the project activities concerning the strategy plan of school development Methods of project implementation: With the participation at educational courses the level of intercultural competences and the competence of project managemant will grow. This enables teachers to work in european projects in sense of long term development of school projects. Expected results: The experiences won in the seminars help to motivate for further intercultural education and exchange in european projects. The teacher collective will benefit through getting familiar with european projects. The work in european projects will become a key instrument to improve the intercultural, language and social competences of the students. The improvement of these skills will help the students to be prepared for the requirements of the international labour market.