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Erken Okul Terkini Terk Ediyorum
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One of the branches that our country is worse when compared to the European countries is the low level in education. School Leaving is one of the most effective causes of it. In Turkey, middle school and high school early school leaving rates are quite high. At the same time in Europe, this problem has expanded recently.The project, taken place in European Union strategic goals, to lower the rates of early school leaving is taking place in Yayladagi District Directorate of National Education Headship 2014-2019 strategic programme as well. Reasons to apply for running this project as Yayladagi District Directorate of National Education ; *To be able to enhance the level of continuum of students’ participation in high and middle schools *To work on solutions to absenteeism problems thanks to international support. *To accomplish our adult and literate people’s adaptation and participation to the idea of EU attendance by having them experience Europe *To get solutions from other countries that have been used and justified, in order to use them in Turkey. *To enhance our staff’s professional and personal development *To support our teachers’ foreign language ability, In a Globalizing World, everybody should be able to reach needed education,information and documents, travelling freely, in orderto ensure personal development and competitiveness. Anybody should be able to contribute to education, using the knowledge and experiences that has taken from abroad.Within this scope, an educational programme, that we need to take over the control to decrease the dropouts in our country, is organized in Spain by the name “Coaching in educational contexts to reduce early school leaving.” Staff in Yayladagi District Directorate of National Education is to use the programmes’ suggestions after 7 days of education to activate plans for over coming the problem. The course will be held between 22nd- 28th of August ,2015 and it follows the subjects below; What is Early School Leaving? General information about research that were conducted to show the rates in the world Energy psychology and Introduction to Emotional FreedomTechniques show of how to be used Energy psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques in an education environment Change the point of views and get people ready to the phases. Effects of psychological disorders and ways to avoid Understanding the effects of stess and emotions at physical and mental health 6 people who are to participate this course will be selected in terms of scores given by the District Directorate of National Education and school administrators. Thanks to this education programme, we expect to have participants’ personal, institutional development to use positively in terms of students and guardians by several supposes. Some of them are; *Our staff’s professional and personal developmental process improvement, *To accomplish School Management to understand teachers, students and institution beter and easily find solutions to problems *To create awareness about foreing language among teachers and managers *To minimize the communication problems with students in puberty term *To have teachers use the assets (new ideas, techniques and facts) of this course in education activities *To have teachers and managers in our District Directorate of National Education know the terms; e-twinning, national Agence and Eurodesk and do things accordingly *To organize actions to solve absenteeism problems in schools by having support internationally *To inform participants that Certificates and Europass given at the end of course will be a privilage for the future actions Our Project intends to scaffold the benefits below for a longer process: *The Project will provide education system in our municipality to internationalize. *By the motto “Erasmus for everyone” other institutions too will be willing to prepare this kind of Project. *European culture will be able to be known, and henceforth, it will ease EU participation and adaptation of it. *On both teachers and students, interests to foreign language will increase. *To decrease the rate of drop-offs and absenteeism by a project will create an awareness for bigger projects to be conducted. In order our project to be extensified, multidimensional communication activities will be used by founding media and contact units *The project will be declared to big mass of people via booklets, cds/dvds, local media, websites, facebook and twitter. *The project will be used in seminars, workshops and presentations to impact stakeholders permanently. *It will use different extensification tools such as; T-shirts, hats, fliers distribution and creation of school bulletin boards.