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Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The strategic goal of Ääsmäe School for 2011-2015 is to provide students a safe and supporting learning environment to enable them to continue their studies and be successful in their future lives. The development plan of the school intends to enhance the qualification of teachers thus ensuring their motivation and an innovative and open approach towards the teaching process. This project aims to improve the work with special needs students through new knowledge and skills acquired and develop cooperation between teachers thus helping the special needs and other students to cope better at school. Special focus is placed teaching and developing social skills. Teachers and specialists (speech therapist and psychologist) at school need to be aware of the newest teaching methods to ensure a high-quality education for every student, including those with special needs. Knowledge and skills acquired at teacher training courses of Erasmus+ would enable the participating teachers to make their everyday work more efficient and support students in their studies thereby increasing the students' learning motivation, improve behaviour and as a result decrease school dropout. Three teachers/specialists are participating in the project - teacher of English, speech therapist and psychologist. While evaluating the training needs and choosing suitable courses the following standpoints have been underlined: providing all students with a secure and supporting learning environment (managing mixed ability classes and special needs students), introducing new teaching methods and enhancing the acquiring of a second language (English), bringing the newest ICT possibilities to the classroom. One of the greatest values of the project is teacher-to-teacher learning - the knowledge, new ideas and experience will be shared with colleagues at school through presentations and workshops which would encourage them to grasp the benefit of learning and meeting colleagues from other EU countries.