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Erdi Heziketa 2015
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This proposal “Erdi Heziketa 2015” is aimed at 22 young students, of Middle Level Training Cycles on Initial Vocational Training of any professional training center located in the Basque Country. This new proposal includes the following partners: -Confebask as proposal's oordinator. -Vocational training schools included on the consortium, both public and private, belonging to the Training Network of Centres of the Basque Country, as sending institutions. - The Department of Education of the Basque Government, Provincial Councils as Institutional and co-financiers partners. - Intermediary partners and Host organizations in Italy, Portugal and the UK. The objectives and expected results are the achievement of meeting the following needs of the participants covered by this proposal: - Improvement of practical training, in addition to theoretical training gained during their training period in their centers. Provide participants with practical training through the 3 months-stay in businesses in Italy, Portugal or the UK, thus enabling the Technician qualification through recognition of the stay by the form of Training at Work or FCT. These stays will be developed between March and June 2016. - Improvement of their language skills: Learning and/or improvement of one or more languages (Italian / Portuguese / English): general knowledge and technical information relating to their professional field. - Improvement of Professional Skills: Participants acquire skills and abilities terminals set in the training program placement module, which enable them to carry out their profession. Development of a set of capabilities or skills necessary for incorporation into the workforce. - Improvement of Cultural and Personal Skills: It is, in many cases, the first experience and stay abroad, which implies personal maturity. To live in a multicultural environment, involves the acquisition of a spirit of adaptation to different social-cultural as well as a huge cultural enrichment. Confebask has been participating for over 15 years in European mobility projects, with a baggage accumulated over 1500 participants so that vocational students are concerned. It uses a process management through a methodology of continuous improvement (PDCA) managed directly by Confebask, and applied to all our projects. The Webpage "Professional Training Erasmus+ Grants” is established, as the fundamental axis in the management, being the main channel of communication between partners. Through this website, the training centers send to Confebask their students-candidates. It is performed the selection of participants, and especially, becomes the key to monitoring and mentoring of the stages, once started stays abroad. Also, this tool is essential for economic management of the project itself led by the coordinator. Confebask as project coordinator, will support in its initial phase (October 2015 - February 2016) including supporting sending partners and their tutors, selecting participants and identifying skills to be developed in host companies. During the stay in the country of destination (March-June 2016) you will be monitored and supported by an intermediary partner/ host organisation, who will manage the participants’ accommodation and arrvial support, and who will perform direct follow-up work through a methodology defined by Confebask as “Learning to Learn”. In the final phase (July - October 2016) you will proceed to the global evaluation of the project and the participants carried out by the instructor (host partner) and tutor (Professional Training sending centre).



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