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Date du début: 8 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 7 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project ErasmusAbility is a result of the collaboration of three organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland and Macedonia, initiated during TYCTEP, a Training Course realized by Null Prosent Hreyfingin, the organization-coordinator of this project, in June 2014. ErasmusAbility is a 7-day Training Course designed to promote and offer young people an opportunity to theoretically and practically learn more about the process of organizing Erasmus + projects and will be grounds where youth workers, youth leaders and project coordinators from all over Europe will have a chance to acquire or improve their knowledge on preparing project applications, becoming capable of initiating action in their countries and in Europe, in general. During the Training Course, the participants will work on creating their own project ideas that they would like to implement, putting the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during the first stage of the Training Course into practice. The specific objectives of the Training Course ErasmusAbility are as follows: -to provide young people with knowledge and competence for organizing Erasmus + projects through educating and training them in preparing Erasmus + applications; -to promote young people’s active and European citizenship through providing young people with knowledge and motivation to initiate projects in their countries, at national and European level; - to foster European cooperation in the youth field through gathering participants from youth organizations from various European countries and creating grounds for initiating future joint projects; -to promote the Erasmus + Programme and its key actions as a platform and means of providing education through equality and inclusion, and of encouraging volunteering, cultural diversity and creativity. The project will take place in the multiethnic city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in July 2015, and will gather 39 young people from both Programme countries and Partner countries, from geographically, culturally and economically different regions in Europe, demonstrating in this way its strong intercultural dimension. It targets youth leaders, youth workers and project coordinators interested in organizing Erasmus + projects who have a need for both practical and theoretical knowledge on how to prepare the project applications. ErasmusAbility is planned to achieve the abovesaid objectives through a variety of non-formal and informal learning activities and methods that encourage active involvement of participants—discussions, team presentations, simulations, role plays, NGO fair—and that, at the same time, meet the need of young people for acquiring skills which are considered to be a must for the professional development of any young person nowadays, such as presentation and leadership skills, ability for working in a multicultural environment, self-confidence, speaking in public. In this way, ErasmusAbility enhances their qualities and value in the labour market and directly/indirectly tackles and contributes to dealing with the issues of youth unemployment and passivity, as some of the major concerns of today’s Europe. In addition to this, the participants will be able to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge about preparing Erasmus + applications acquired in ErasmusAbility when working on applications other than the Erasmus + applications, but which follow a similar project cycle and pattern and include aspects such as defining project objectives, practical and logistic matters, protection issues, communication with partners, visibility, assessment and dissemination of results. Results of ErasmusAbility will be the knowledge that the participants will gain for preparing quality Erasmus + applications for youth mobility, drafts of project ideas that the participants will work on in the closing days of the Training Course practicing the theoretical knowledge they have obtained during the learning sessions, a video documenting the project activities that will be used for promoting the project and the Erasmus +, and the ErasmusAbility Page on Facebook that will be space for sharing information about Erasmus + projects and about creative and positive initiatives in Europe and worldwide. We expect that this Training Course will inspire the participants to initiate creative idea projects in their communities and to further motivate other young people to overcome their passivity and use their young creativity and potential. Also, through the video of the project and the EramusAbility Facebook page, we are confident that we will ensure a long-term and sustainable spread of the idea and objectives of this project. This effect will be strengthened by the project ideas developed during the Training Course, that will hopefully result in successful applications and projects.



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