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Erasmus+ pour une insertion professionnelle facilitée
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project joins within the framework of the professional training, to improve the vocational training of our pupils of 3 sections of vocational high school diploma to allow them a better occupational integration or a favored pursuit of studies. The English language is the vector of communication in European companies and used today in practically all the professional sectors and particularly in those whom we chose: administrative Management, Care to the person and Systems electrotechnics and digital. The project of mobility in Ireland and in United Kingdom and in Bulgaria or Poland concerns 35 young people in school great difficulty but who are very motivated to participate because it is for them a luck " to take out there " as they say themselves. The mobility of a duration of 5 weeks will include a dumping in a company, cultural visits and dumping in host family. This project joins in the school program of the young person during its training of three years. We set up a methodology of project with the creation of a steering committee the role of which is to impulse, to conceive and to create tools of management and evaluation, to select the concerned classes and the pupils who will make the mobility. This steering committee will be regularly also combined to anticipate the problems of the ground, meet the partners, organize the logistics and on the way back spread the action. The expected results are two levels: 1) for the pupils: - The discovery of the diversity, - The development of the cultural opening in a professional frame, - The improvement of the linguistic level in professional situation, 2) for the high school: - The promotion of a new method of learning for pupils in difficult school situation and often a disadvantaged socioeconomic category - The implementation of the real synergy interns amplified by the organization of the mobilities, - The creation of a dynamics of project within the educational teams. As regards the long-term potential profits, we shall put forward a better adaptability to the fast-changing professional environment and an opening on the world of a personal point of view for the learner.



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