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ERASMUS PLUS - DIscover the world
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The goal of the project is to improve the quality of education in our college, as well as sustainably increase the job opportunities for our graduates, and last but not least, to give our teachers the opportunity to see "state of the art" techniques and knowledge in their "job-shadow-trips". The internships abroad in Europe will improve subject and language skills as well as encourage a pro-European climate among young people and teachers. The project will be administrativly hosted by the “Parents Association of the HTL Villach”, a group which has existed since 1974 and has guaranteed sustainability. The project is operating at a daily basis through the “Office for International Relations and Mobility Programs at the HTL Villach”, specifically via 3 teachers and one school employee with extensive experience in student exchange and international project management. After our students have been performing for a sufficient period in the technical field of the labor market on a global level, our students will obtain necessary, initial abroad work experience through this internship, which will greatly increase their competitiveness and chances in a very competitive labor market. Additionally, their independence, self-confidence, and their approach to the Project “Europe” will all develop positively. The proposed project will significantly expand and carry on the already existing ERASMUS plus mobility projects at our college. As part of the scheduled one-year project, 45 talented and interested young people will complete their internships at our partner school’s workshops or at private-sector companies in other EU countries. ERASMUS PLUS assures the funding and the legal framework for this project. In return, the HTL- Villach will receive a number of trainees and guest lecturers from our partner schools (Note: Our partner colleges apply themselves for an ERASMUS PLUS PROJECT). Additionally, 9 teachers will travel to multi-day “Job Shadowing” programs to learn about the newest technical developments in Europe directly onsite. They will then use and incorporate this newfound information into their classes back home (Know-how transfer). These "Job Shadowing” Visits are scheduled for brief periods, from four to as many as six days, so that the teachers involved do not lose too much time for teaching in our college. Therefore, having the teachers do their "job-shadowing" mainly during school-free days (school holidays / public holidays / extended weekends) is being considered. For many years we have had successful partnership relations with both : Our partner schools in Slovenia, Germany, Italy and Sweden and France as well as with companies in Poland, Croatia, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany and Finland. We handled already the first ERASMUS PLUS project with them, and due to the positive experience, they are keen to host our students again. In addition, we addet a few new companies. This is a good starting condition for perfect execution of the present project proposal. In the last 14 years, about 220 students from our school were sent to internships. These internships were organized primarily by Prof. Mag. Ewald Langer’s (one of the authors of this proposal) own initiative. hese stays were financed mostly by the participants themselves. For the last two years, we have had first time the opportunity also, to organize internships via ERASMUS PLUS. The previously used method of sending students to internships abroad thanks to the initiative of a dedicated teacher is lifted to a professional level with ERASMUS PLUS and ensures funding for the students. The built-in quality assurance measures (MOU's, Learning agreements, ECVET evaluation procedures) will ensure the educational quality of training is at a high level. Workshop teachers, language teachers, engineers and general education instructors will evaluate the quality of training and accompanying process. To ensure mutual and reciprocal control in project management, the “four-eyes” principle will be employed. The authorities of the management of the project (the project manager as well as his deputy) and the finance management (the chairwoman and the treasurer of the parents association) are separated parties. The proper, timely, and high-quality implementation of these measures are guaranteed through the above-mentioned measures and we very much hope for the approval of this project proposal.



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