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Erasmus plus - 2 Steps to Take Now
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 1 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth exchange named "Second step of Healthy Lifestyle" was about cultural similarities and diversities in Europe and neighboring countries, mostly expressed by dancing. Project took place in Ureki, Georgia. Our help and main partner was organization ICPI from Georgia. First we had APV (27.6.2015-29.6.2015) and duration of exchange was from 24.7.2015-31.7.2015. In order to reach project aims we had chosen more particular topic for the project- dancing. The main purpose of dancing is exspresing yourself, trying to make what you feel a visible thing; we can dance for health and excercise benefits, as a spiritual expression or simply to connect socially. More and more young people are closed at home, sitting in front of computer every day, so we were thinking how to show young people how easy, simple and fun they can lead a healthy lifestyle. How to move (in our project dance) and how fully live healthy (food, water, sleaping, social connection). We also did small research about main reasons that are clear evidence of the benefits of dance and we presented it to yougsters. Our main aims and objectives of YE were: - To identify and understand the differences and common points of cultures the participants come from -To promote healthy lifestyle, art and self-expression among young people -To accept and understand the importance of various cultures, religions and views - Manage living and working together with people from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds - To foster mutual support and strenghten a solution-oriented attitude among the participants



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