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Date du début: 31 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 30 oct. 2021 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nuclear Physics and technology has multiple applications of strategic economical relevance at the EU and worldwide. These include energy resources, medical diagnosis and therapeutic practices, new material characterization, or environmental studies, among others. The Horizon 2020, and the Euratom R&T Programme that complements it in the field of nuclear research and training, put a strong emphasis on the importance of developing nuclear skills and competences at the European level. However, there is no international teaching programme in Europe at the Master level devoted specifically to Nuclear Physics. To meet these needs and challenges, the present proposal aims at developing a 120 ECTS long-lasting international and practice-oriented joint study programme, the “European Master in Nuclear Physics” (NuPhys), to educate Nuclear Physics experts. This is accomplished by gathering the strong research expertise of Universities from three European countries (Spain, France, and Italy), and the collaboration of the most important European nuclear research facilities (institutional and industrial) that will participate as associated partners. NuPhys has a double educational approach. First, to train well-prepared specialists to enter the industry in any of the fields mentioned above. Second, to train students able to develop research programmes and make their PhD in the field of Nuclear Physics. The Master is structured in five modules and divided into four semesters. A common introductory week and a common basis of fundamental knowledge will be given during the first semester. A progressive specialization is then acquired through one of three different paths offered: 1) Experiments in large accelerators, 2) Theoretical nuclear physics, and 3) Applications and small accelerators. All students will spend at least one semester in each participant country, and will benefit of a fully adapted curriculum according to their specialization path. Visits to nuclear physics facilities, distinguished visiting scholars, a 2-months internship, a common summer course (in collaboration with the TALENT USA-EU initiative), and the Master Thesis, complete the study programme. The NuPhys proposal has been produced with the active participation of all members, from the elaboration of the programme, to the way the course is divided up, and the implementation rules. Specific effort will be taken to award joint degree and diploma supplement, and to share consistent student services, teaching and evaluation methods, and management and quality assurance practices between Universities. The proposed EMJMD will enhance the technological basis in the European region by providing the best training in nuclear physics to the best students. It will promote the international dimension of the EHEA, and will bring concrete benefits for each target group, mainly academic and administrative staff, and students. Employability of students will be enhanced through the internships and visits



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