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Erasmus+ mobilities for Hordaland 2015
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Hordaland is a region in growth, having reached half a million inhabitants it is now one of the fastest growing counties in Norway. This development creates opportunities as well as challenges. The growing need for more relevant and competent professional expertise, changes in demographics, and increased globalisation all require new and innovative professional competences and relevant vocational education and training. International cooperation is an integral part of the Hordaland County Council’s (HCC) strategy for regional development. The strategy aims to create a sustainable, attractive and competitive region, and give young people international competence, experience and shared responsibility. As these challenges are not only valid for Hordaland, the HCC see international cooperation as a tool to finding possible solutions to such challenges. The HCC is therefore using participation in different European mobility programmes, such as Erasmus+ VET mobility, as a strategic tool in developing the region. The programme will be an important contribution in meeting the needs for more relevant professional expertise and pedagogical knowledge, international experience, as well as improved foreign language competences and enhanced intercultural awareness. As part of the HCC’s strategic plans for internationalisation, international cooperation is to be an integrated part of education and training, as it adds value and quality to the training of professionals. International competences offer VET learners the opportunity to develop their abilities to actively participate in an increasing multicultural society and global world. To achieve these goals, it is an important task of the HCC to mobilise VET schools and training agencies to participate in European mobility programmes. As a regional developer, the HCC also encourage staff in public offices, enterprises and other relevant organisations to improve and strengthen their professional skills within their field of expertise, as well as developing intercultural competence and knowledge. The target groups for this mobility project are VET learners, VET staff and other staff in institutions where training is offered. A large portion of the staff mobility projects consists of interdisciplinary groups where at least one of the participants is representing a VET organisation. The participants are key persons and play an important role in the implementation and dissemination of the projects. The HCC is applying for: 204 VET learner mobilities, 129 staff mobilities and 64 accompanying persons. The disciplines represented in this application includes: health care/social work, restaurant/hotel, technology, service, design and agriculture. In addition, the mobility projects will cover themes such as health promoting work in schools, welfare technology, civil entrepreneurship, broader understanding of practices and systems in VET, as well as cooperation between VET and enterprises. The objectives of this mobility project are to strengthen the region through the acquisition of professional knowledge and expertise, develop new skills and competences, to develop prosperous local communities, improve learning outcomes for VET learners, increase recruitment and the number of VET learners finishing with a trade certificate. In addition to professional competences, it is expected that the project will increase foreign language and intercultural competences, as well as motivate participants to take part in and develop other international projects in the future. This mobility project will have both short and long term effects. It will make it possible to implement and disseminate new and innovative tools and methods to a wide variety of relevant stakeholders. It will also strengthen the quality of education and training, and the region will be able to offer activities and programmes that better respond to the needs of both the individual and the region. This will further increase the status and the attractiveness of VET. The HCC writes the mobility application on behalf of its sending organisations, and is the coordinator for the project. The HCC has extensive experience in project cooperation and management through different EU projects (LLP, Interreg) and is well qualified to carry out this mobility project. Coordination and quality management are based on strong and long term cooperation with partner organisations in Hordaland and Europe. The HCC is involved in all aspects of project development and implementation for each of the mobility projects included in this application. To ensure the quality of the project, the HCC facilitates a number of activities throughout the project period, such as mobilising potential sending organisations, arranging information sessions, seminars and workshops, help with project development, preparation of participants, and dissemination of results. It is also the HCC who is responsible for the final report and the budget in Mobility Tool.



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