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Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IES Diego Velázquez is a Secondary school where Vocational Training has a lesser weight than other levels such as ESO and Baccalaureate. During the current school year, 2015-2016, we have a small group of 20 students, but next year we will have two groups, first and second year Basic Vocational Training in the field of Commerce.Although it is a small group their presence and participation in school activities is outstanding. However, neither parents nor students are aware of all the possibilities Vocational Training can offer. Promoting the program of Vocational Training is one of the objectiveswe would like to achieve with this project. Other objectives are:- Offering our students the opportunity of training abroad.- Offering our students new learning experiences through another language.- Using new teaching methods.- Improving our students’ social and emotional skills- Improving our students’ linguistic competencies- Improving our students’ management strategies related to the internationalization and cooperation with other European partners.- Innovation- Introduction of a more modern and dynamic environment that will enhance the interest of other students and teachers to participate in our programme.- Increasing our level of teaching practice usingthe project as a motivation tool, as well as enhancing the value of our students’ future C.V4 students and 1 teacher will participate in the Project. The students will be studying second year basic vocational training and will be selected taking into account both their character and learning capacity.The teacher will make a shadowing job inside Accenture, and will acquire a practical experience, whichwill be enriching for other teachers and students. There will also be a possibility to exchange skills with other teachers who work in similar high schools in different European countries. All together we can work to improve european education. The project can achieve a big and positive impact:1. Mobility can help our students to develop their professional skills.2. Quality teaching, to improve learning, skills and aptitudes to find a good job.3. Improving languages and promoting social and civic responsibilities may develop entrepreneurship. 4. Learning about other cultures and learning methods.5. Reducing the number of drop outs. 6. Better understanding and capacity to cater for diversity7. Higher motivation and satisfaction with everyday work.8. Lifelong training for the teachers.9. Providing practical experience in a multinational company.Finally, a very important benefit can be that more students see Vocational Training as a good chance for the future, offering training for the professional world as well as the opportunity to become positive members of society.



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