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Erasmus + group - за европейски компетентности и европейско измерение на Гимназията
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Erasmus + group for European competences and European dimension of the school” meets the needs of the organization, supports motivation for life -long learning, works towards overcoming the shortage of competences in the area of management and intercultural competences, necessary for the implementation of European projects to improve the quality of the vocational education and better and earlier entry into the labor market. The main goal of the project is to expand the understanding of the participants for the implementation, development, planning and management of the European projects. The specific objectives of the project are improving the management and professional competences. The overall objective is the long-term benefit- the development of the school in a European plan, and the specific goals are the concrete benefits of the project- the improvement of management and professional competences. Four teachers are selected according to pre-established criteria of a pre- selected team. The duration of the course “Project management for cross-cultural exchange projects in Europe” is 48 hours. The methodology is based on the integration of theory and practice and sharing experience, analysis and discussion. The project activities lead to further activities on Erasmus + K 2 as active partners or coordinators of European projects. The project contributes to raising awareness on the topic, the improvement of management and intercultural skills; improving the language skills through international communication; achieving personal and social development through informal communication between the course participants; the management and the implementation of projects and upgrade by defining new areas of partnership; a higher institutional prestige of the school; options for the future organization to exchange students, business internships and cooperation in the European educational programs; a better preparation for the European ideology; the implementation of the school policy in a relation with the improvement of the teachers` qualification, innovation and good practice; continued development of the school as a center of dissemination of ideas, good practice, initiatives and integrated education; greater opportunities for participation in international practice and the enhancement of professional competences for more successful and earlier entry into the labor market; increasing the motivation for learning through access to education opportunities and professional qualification in the countries that are members of the European Union. In the long-term plan the project will contribute to improve the quality of vocational education and the implementation of the school strategy- education and training 2020, strategic goal 2- the quality and efficiency of the education- key competences. With the launch of Erasmus + a group of teachers will be taught and their goal will be the multiplication and dissemination of the results, training of other colleagues, the establishment of international contacts, observing the work of an international team of participants and tutors. As a result of this project our school and our region will be given the opportunity to develop different projects for intercultural cooperation, encouraging more teachers to apply for various programs and subprograms for lifelong learning, and to ensure the sustainability of the project.