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Erasmus for Visually Impaired Persons
Date du début: 3 août 2016, Date de fin: 2 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Erasmus for VIPs is an EVS project which will involve 24 EVS volunteers from Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey who will carry out activities in favour of visually impaired young people (VIPS). The project will take place in Arad, Romania and it is composed of 3 mobilities:-1st mobility: 1st November 2016 – 28th February 2017-2nd mobility: 15th March 2017 – 12th July 2017-3rd mobility: 1st August 2017 – 28th November 2017The CO/HO is Ofensiva Tinerilor and the SOs: You in Europe (Greece), Artistic Ballet Ensemle Youth Club Association- ARBALET (Turkey); Asociación Mundus - Un Mundo a tus Pies (Spain) and Associazione Culturale Link (Italy).The context of the project is given by the fact that at the European level, the percentage of the NEET young people is quite high and this European context can be improved by offering young people the opportunity to take part in this kind of activities. Moreover, the VIPs are not very well integrated in their communities and have very few opportunities to participate in learning experiences. Last, but not least, the members of the local community are not aware of the difficulties the VIPs face and are not helping them in integrated them in the society. OBJECTIVES- Creating the environment for the development of the necessary transversal competencies for the 24 EVS volunteers that fall under the category of NEET, from Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey in order to accelerate their transition from this situation to their integration on the labor market by involving them in 3 transnational mobilities taking place in Arad, Romania, in the following time frames: 1st November 2016 – 28th February 2017, 15th March 2017 – 12th July 2017 and 1st August 2017 – 28th November 2017 (4 months each).- Developing an educational project of 19 months which will deal with the inclusion of at least 120 visually impaired young people from Romania in their local community; the project will fight against their discrimination by making the community aware of the difficulties they face and will make them acquire competences for their personal/social/ professional lives;The participants of this project will be 24 young people coming from Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey, 8 during each EVS mobility. They fall under the category of NEET (neither in employment, education or trainning) and 12 of them will fall also under the category of participants with fewer opportunities, more precisely facing economic obstacles or educational difficulties.The main activities of the project will be the following:- The development of communication workshops in the languages of EVS volunteers with the visually impaired young people. - The development of digital literacy workshops. - Accompanying the visually impaired persons to social, cultural events and to activities that take place in the nature. - The development of fundraising campaigns for visually impaired young people that might abandon school due to different difficulties of economic nature and not only. - The development of an awareness campaign for the local community in which to make the citizens of Arad aware of how difficult is the life of a VIP and to fight discrimination. The methods that will be used during the activities are non-formal, informal and experimental and are selected according to the needs, interests and profiles of the EVS volunteers. By participating in this project, the EVS volunteers will acquire develop competences that will accelerate their transition from the NEET situation to being integrated on the labour market; will be more motivated to continue their learning process and will acquire competences related to learning and will be able to express their solidarity towards categories of persons less fortunate than themselves.The visually impaired young persons included in this project will increase their autonomy to take part in social and cultural events and in activities that take place in the nature; will be more open to be part of learning opportunities such as those developed under Erasmus+ and will be more prepared to cooperate with members of the local community including in job related opportunities.The members of the local community (Arad, Romania) will be more aware of the difficulties the visually impaired persons face and will be more ready to integrate them and to express their solidarity towards them.The project will also have a positive impact on the participating organisations and local partners as it will increase their capacity to develop transnational projects in favour of NEET young people and in favour of young people with special needs such as those that are visually impaired. It will also increase their capacity to cooperate with organisations from Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey increasing their capacity to work in an international dimension. It will also build a positive image in the community.



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