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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Eight students and one teacher from La Guancha Secondary School participate in this project as a promoter partner. We want to develop a three-week programme consisting of one flow in Grantham (England) with 2 students from Administration General National Vocational Qualification, 2 students from Retailing and Whole Sealing General National Vocational Qualification, 2 students from General National Vocational Qualification on Systems and Telecomunication and 2 students from General National Vocational Qualification on Video Disk_jockey and Sound to be held in May-June 2015. The destination city could change depending on how many companies there are to hold our student. The scheduled plan for the students is mainly practical, where students undertake work placements in companies that were selected related to areas of competence of each Vocational Qualification.The project is planned with the objective of promoting equal entering into the labour market for Canarian students because the disadvantage of our geographical situation. We want to improve our students’ individual skills and competencies, as well as the use of new technologies of information and communication technology (ICT). Improve our students’ foreign languages skills that will allow them access to the labour market, both in Canary and Europe. La Guancha Secondary School has had experience on previous Leonardo da Vinci projects and we expect this new one has great personal and professional impact for all of the students and partners. To highlight that the collaboration with our intermediary partner (Gratham College) is a fruit of the contact established during a visit of studies to our center during the course 2010/2011 and consolidated across a preparatory visit realized during January, 2012. This previous visit has allowed to establish a route of collaboration between both centers for this one and futures European Projects; where both pupils and teachers might take part. Finally, to indicate that for the present project special support has been done in the quality, keep the number of students and favoring the improvement of the mobilities across intermediary partners related directly to the educational and professional labor.



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