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ERASMUS+CPH WEST - another new mobility combination
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The central project goal needs to be considered as a part of the school’s internationalization strategy. CPH WEST will help to improve teachers and counselor qualifications, so that they have stronger abilities to work with internationalization within their respective fields. Working and studying in other countries must be made easy for both the school’s students and teachers. This project is geared towards the students and teachers at CPH WEST who wish to go abroad to further improve upon their competencies, especially in connection with language and culture. This opportunity provides a chance for many students to develop their personal competencies as well and, perhaps, to get the motivation to go abroad for even longer periods later in their educations. CPH WEST focuses on its role as an educational institution and will, in this regard, create a clear international profile that will make a difference. Therefore, CPH WEST feels obligated to ensure that its teaching staff is kept up to date on international demands within individual professional disciplines and methodologies. To do so and to ensure quality teaching, there is a continuous need for employee training at the school. Also, the school’s high prioritization of internationalizing students helps to strengthen their professional profiles, as well as their personal and intercultural competencies. For the second time, we include ECVET in our mobility project. This involves the prepared ”Memorandum of Understanding”, which is signed by our partners and us and is attached to this application. We have also attached the ”Learning Agreement” form, which we will use to formalize the commitment of our partner, the student and us in connection with the forthcoming mobility initiatives. ”Units of Learning Outcome” will be agreed upon in advance in each circumstance and attached to the “Learning Agreement” document. Which competencies students will obtain in the course of each mobility initiative will be drawn up in a “Transcript of Records” and attached to the student’s EuroPass Mobility certificate. This application covers: 68 VET student work programs 17 HG student work programs 120 HG-EUX student language and work programs 38 HHX and HTX student language and work programs 17 accompanying teachers 22 teacher work or training programs We expect programs to run during the entire project period, as we also expect to incorporate programs in different European countries. The needs and wishes of individual students and teachers are considered in determining destinations. Most often, students and teachers have a good idea of where they can be challenged appropriately and obtain relevant professional inspiration. This project is expected to strengthen the school’s international work. The participation of more people in training abroad will set greater focus on internationalization in general. CPH WEST expects that a number of teachers and counselors will become more motivated to work actively on this front, using this opportunity to include international projects in their teaching. The level of professional language abilities will also increase. Students will be expected to have a more international profile and use their newly obtained knowledge in their educations.



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