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Erasmus+Cariera Duala de Succes in Sport
Date du début: 30 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Erasmus + Dual Career Success in Sport" results from Traian Vuia High School Resita needs to ensure quality education for young athletes along with training to ensure the highest level of personal development, professional and social our students and allow them to obtain dual careers in sport, to help them in the transition from school to pursue jobs and professions regulated by the Union relating to sport. It creates conditions for learning mobility in Portugal for a group of 42 students in vocational education LTTV Resita, vocational- profile sports specialization: - Handball, advanced level - 21 students + Athletics, advanced, 21 students  following the development of key skills and abilities, skills and knowledge specific to the profession of sports instructor you will get the completion of secondary education and personal development through the accumulation of linguistic information on the specific sport and culture and tradition of the host country. By integrating the participant students in a new community ,in another country clubs the projec provides a new experience necessary to their future integration into the work. It provides them an opportunity to improve their professional competencies and skills through participation in sports training activities, to conduct practical training in a sport in an open climate of cooperation and mutual respect in which prevails the freedom of expression, receptivity to new ideas, creativity and desire to assert themselves. Under the guidance of Portuguese tutors they will have the opportunity to learn new techniques to deal with sport games, will participate in training and in competitions organized so that they can learn other working methods which are placed in the country by coaches, sports people and athletes, to make friends, to establish a permanent relationship with them, and this connection may help them in the nearest and distant future to develop in their professionally and personally plan. The partnership consists of: High School TRAIAN VUIA Resita, Handball Federation of Portugal, Athletic Federation of Portugal and CASA DA EDUCACAO. PThe project take place between 30.11.205-30.11.2016 and the placement is organized into two streams every four weeks and was agreed by both parties: 05.06.2016-02.07.2016 si 11.09.2016-18.10.2016. The objectives in this project are: O1.The developing participants' skills and abilities necessary for the application of processes, methods and current techniques and effective of training to increase the capacity of transition from school to work. O2.The improvement of sport training components for a good professional integration. O3. Accumulation of specific sport linguistic terms in a foreign language, development of communication and relationship skills through direct contact with Portuguese coaches and athletes . O4. Developing of harmonious personalities, tolerant, to combine their own sense of identity with the respect for diversity. O5. Creating the premises of a sustainable transnational partnership and development of intra-European relations aimed at implementation of joint structures for quality assurance in education and training. The Project results will be presented at participating schools with sport channels in Romania after dissemination and implementation of experience gained of educational materials obtained on the basis of good practice examples in the training learned in the workout, in the Romanian sports world by high quality sporting activities organized in clubs and institutions in the sports sector. School will expand and adapt its addressing scope to the market needs, local firms, regional and not only. The project promotes the European dimension in education and training and in sports and answer obietivelor established at Union for education and training and complementary objectives set out in the European Union Work Plan for Sport (2014-2017) and the EC Communication "Developing the European Dimension in Sports / * COM / 2011/0012 final * /



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